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today was cool. something corporate is so good. i listened to Audioboxer all the way through again. its such a good CD. I cried. I want my band, Something FoundGlory on the Getup Line, to be as good as Something Corporate. theyre so good. i cried. my friend wanted me to listen to a band Glassjaw, they were so bad. god they think thats EMO. yeah right. it made me cry. i used up a whole box of Puffs lotion tissue. I rubbed my whole hands with vasoline and curled up in fetusxxposition listening to Sugarcult today. emo is cool. it makes me cry. i bought lip gloss today. it was xxemoxx. I dont think Alice likes NFG anymore, that makes me want to break up with her. i got dirtjumps in my backyard.

later emo cadettes.
<3 x infindey and beyond that.

MAx Foundgloree
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