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forget me not those werent yer words

Hi emo guys and gurls! my name is Skylar Vandashboard! i like emo alot emo is the coolest thing sense indiexcore. itsthe best.i hope u guys support yer local emo-ists. i started this lj w/ muh bestfriend Max Foundgloree he likes emo 2. LOL! like i always say SOME GIRLS ARE CRAZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYY! later. local emo kids. <3.
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who the fuck are you?
your a loser. ha.
ahahahahaahahahahahahhahaha. ahahahahahahaha.

nice lj.

<3 <3

Max Vandashboard. will you marry me?
oops. ment skylar vandashboard
nice pic.
i agree, your a fucken loser
um who are you?
um... who are you?
so queer.
i love u